To evaluate EasyBooks simply select the link that reflects your business type as this will put demo data related to your business operation.  The application will be in a trial mode and at any time can be registered by filling out an online registration form or contacting the sales line 09 985 8046.

Trial versions of EasyBooks have conveniently been supplied with sample data for the following businesses:

Standard Business - Retailers, Contractors and Consultants

Download: Trial | Upgrade
Hospitality Business - Cafes, Retaurants, Hotels & Tourist Venues
Download: Trial | Upgrade
Farmers - Bloodstock, Dairying, Horticulture, Sheep & Beef Farming
Download: Trial | Upgrade
Automotive Workers - Mechanics, Panel Beaters, Auto Wreckers
Download: Trial | Upgrade
Tradeworkers - Plumbers, Carpenters, Plasterers, Electricians
Download: Trial | Upgrade
Health Services - Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacies, Physiotherapists
Download: Trial | Upgrade
Clubs & Associations - Sports Clubs, Chartered Clubs & Societies
Download: Trial | Upgrade

Download Instructions

Important Note

If you already have EasyBooks installed, please ensure that you have a current, up to date backup and that this backup can be read prior to installing the software.

Download instructions:

  1. Ensure that you have no other programs running on your computer.
  2. Click on the version you have selected to download. When the 'File Download' screen appears select the option:
    • Run this program from it's current location
    • Click OK to continue
  3. You can safely ignore the warning regarding lack of Authenticode Signature, the software is fully virus tested and generated from our own virus-tested computers.
  4. Wait while the file downloads to your computer and installs.
  5. Follow the installation program prompts.
  6. Start EasyBooks from your desktop. This will be running in demonstration mode with sample data.


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